Squat Jumps: How to Build Power with the Jumping Squat


Squats are a fail-safe method to strengthen your legs and glutes, however add in a leap they usually grow to be an intensive full-body exercise that engages your core too. Throwing in a bounce is the proper approach to make sure squats don’t get uninteresting, however you’ll additionally construct explosive reactions which might be important for sports activities and develop an unusually spectacular means to sure over obstacles.

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Like an everyday squat, a leaping squat is a wonderful method to situation the muscle mass and joints of the decrease physique, however the addition of a bounce makes it a full-body exercise. Your core power can be put to the check, and the bounce additionally provides in a cardio aspect, making it a superb selection for HIIT.

How To Do It

Stand together with your toes about shoulder-width aside, toes pointing barely outwards. Inhale as you decrease your hips again and down gently into your normal squat, aiming to maintain your thighs barely greater than your knees. Then, exhale and explode into the air with as a lot energy as you possibly can, driving laborious together with your legs and pushing your self additional upwards with the balls of your toes. Your physique ought to be poker-straight whilst you’re within the air, and your palms ought to be above your head – maintain your core engaged to forestall your physique from rotating. Land together with your legs barely bent earlier than controlling your light descent again down into the squat place.


When you’ve mastered the bounce squat you possibly can take it up a degree  (actually) by leaping onto a platform like a field or bench. When you’ve leapt onto your platform pause, take a step down and repeat the train.

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You may also attempt the bounce squat whereas holding gentle weights to additional up the ante. Should you’re struggling to stay in management, practise rocking onto the balls of your toes as you come out of the squat quite than doing a full-on bounce. This could show you how to get used to the motion and make sure you keep your kind.