Step Up Your Fat Loss With This Outdoor HIIT Workout


The onset of summer season means two issues. First, it’s time to swap getting a sweat on indoors for absorbing the solar’s vitamin D-rich rays outside. And second, it’s time to lastly reveal that set of rippling abs you’ve been honing all winter. And should you’re not fairly there but within the six-pack division, this high-intensity park drill – devised by DIY exercise specialist Andrew Tracey – will make it easier to get there. Discover a clear set of steps and take flight.

The way it works

This exercise makes use of a coaching technique developed by American physiology professional Arthur H Steinhaus within the 1940s generally known as peripheral coronary heart motion (PHA). Tracey says that “when finished proper, PHA is disgusting”, however it carries big cardio and fat-burning potential. You alternate between lower-body and upper-body strikes so your coronary heart works extra time redirecting blood to your extremities moderately than specializing in one muscle group at a time.


Begin by hopping up the steps with one leg, then operating again down and doing 5 pike press-ups. Then hop up the steps with the opposite leg, run down and do 5 archer press-ups on every arm. Repeat this for 5 rounds, resting one minute between every. Fatigue could also be setting in, however transfer on to the ultimate two strikes, the place you leap up the steps in as few jumps as potential, run down and do 15 decline press-ups, for 5 rounds in whole. Relaxation 30 seconds between rounds.

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1 Proper leg sure

HIIT Workout: Right leg bound

On one leg, hop onto every step, specializing in sustaining your steadiness. Begin out leaping on every step, then skip steps should you can generate sufficient energy.

2 Pike press-up

HIIT Workout: Pike press-up

Along with your ft raised and fingers on the backside of the steps so your physique types an L-shape, bend your arms to decrease your head simply off the ground, then drive again up.

three Left leg sure

HIIT Workout: Left leg bound

Swap legs and hop up the steps, utilizing your arms for steadiness and to generate momentum.

four Archer press-up

HIIT Workout: Archer press-up

It is a regression from a one-arm press-up. Place one hand along with your arm straight on the underside step and drive up with the opposite arm. Do 5 both sides.

5 Broad soar

HIIT Workout: Broad jump

Decrease into 1 / 4 squat, then soar up powerfully onto the furthest step you’ll be able to attain. Repeat, aiming to leap up the steps in as few leaps as potential.

6 Decline press-up

HIIT Workout: Decline press-up

Do a press-up along with your ft raised, fingers on the backside of the steps and physique in a straight line. Enhance the decline to make it more durable.